Your Life is made up of many, many moments. Let me capture some for you.

Well hello, I’m so glad you’ve dropped in to say hi. I am a natural light photographer. An imagemaker and a storyteller.


I highly value recording history while aiming everyday to live in the present. Yeah. :)


You can see the way I see the world through the photographs I take for myself and others.


I am inspired by many people and places. I am happier with less. I delight in simplicity.


Please take the time to look around.

Your wedding day is one of many intense emotions and it can fly by in flurry of joy, tears, laughter and dancing.


It's important for me to capture all of the big and little moments in between to help you relive your special day through the images I create for you.


You put so much time and effort into creating your wedding day, being able to relive that day in 10 years time via images is invaluable. That's why we photogs say '.investment'.


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A couple of things:


  • It's your WEDDING, you can do it your way - whatever that means for you both. List your top 5 priorities and make them awesome! It'll keep you focused and bring you back to what is really important. Planning can be FUN.
  • The best images are ones that you can feel. This is what I want to capture for you.
  • I will be 100% in the moment for you. Seeing the beauty in every moment and recording it for you relish again and again.
  • Collating is key. Carefully selected frames tell the full story of your wedding day. I have refined this art over the last 10 years photographing weddings and I'd love to create a beautiful collection for you.
  • Whatever you decide is best for you, on your wedding day...... I promise you will never regret taking five (or ten) to just be with your new husband or wife.

Recently I read that during the existence of mankind there have been 107 billion people to have lived. We are currently (2021) 7 billion people alive. That's alot of stories gone by that have led us to where we are today.


Capturing any moment in time that is special to us allows us to relive and share those stories for decades to come.


Got excuses for why you should wait? Great. Lets talk...


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Albany . Western Australia